Here at Chilkat Fabrication we offer custom woodworking and design. Our current interest is topography but our capabilities go beyond. We provide design, procurement, fabrication, and work with our clients to meet their specifications. 



With the following parameters we will build you a custom map of anywhere in the world. 


There are multiple ways of showing us the region you would like mapped:

  • Send us an email with a brief description and the Lat/Long coordinates of two points of a box containing the region. You can find these coordinates by going to and clicking the point (dropping a pin). Copy and paste this information into your email.
  • Send a screenshot of the area from google earth or something similar. 
  • Describe the region in an email and we will send you a mockup of the region.
  • Give us a call and we'll talk it out.


Let us know if you would like your map with or without a border, worked into a table, cabinet or other surface, or however you would like.



Size is the largest determinant of price - but larger maps are always better! Still, there's a trade-off, and if you have a budget in mind we can work with you on what size will fit.


We do our best to make everything we do beautiful and sustainable. All of the wood for our maps and projects is chosen for its color, character, and contrast. That said, if you have specific wood or material in mind, please include that information.


Wood is our main medium but we fabricate in plastic, foam, composites, and lightweight metal. We can cut in 3D relief, 2D panels, engrave, and inlay. 

Chilkat Fabrication can arrange for shipping.

Cash, Check, and Card are all accepted.

Email us with the requested information for a quote or give us a call/text, 907-321-4678.