Chilkat Fabrication

West of Juneau the Chilkat Range forms a backdrop to our region. These mountains are named for the Chilkat people, a Tlingit tribe who have lived on this land for centuries. The Chilkat mountains are some of the most stunning in the Juneau area, and a constant presence in our lives. We have worked as commercial fisherman in the crabbing, longlining, and seining fisheries; we hunt and trek through the mountains and forests; we ski the peaks; we fish the waters; and we enjoy the beauty and resources of this land.

We chose our name because of our connection to this landscape and because, as map makers, we just think these mountains look cool!



At Chilkat Fabrication, we use the CNC router that we designed and built to carve wood and other materials based on computer modeling. This process is infinitely customizable but our main focus is carving topographic maps of the landscapes people connect with. If you have a map, design, or harebrained idea — send us an email or give us a call!